Three easy materials for a DIY composter

Three easy materials for a DIY composter

A couple of months ago, we started with our composting project, a compost pile. But we noticed that our dogs love to get some bites from their newly-found buffet, and we thought for some upgrading.


Click to enlarge the instructions on how to compost in Davao City.

What is composting? Composting is nature’s way of recycling our kitchen and yard waste, which will be broken down, also called the process of decomposing, into its organic components and ,thus, become food for other plants and organisms! So, a natural soil fertilizer and protector of organisms in the soil. Read here more.




Again Pinterest gave us a great idea! I bumped into a picture uploaded by Melissa with the title “DIY Compost bin made from hardware cloth by Tom Powers”.

Three easy materials for a DIY composter

Empress of Dirt DIY Yard Waste/Compost Bin Made From Hardware Cloth

The next day I went off to buy from my little budget of Php350 this kind of wire, which is easily available in any hardware store in the Davao!

By the way, wire cloth is also called welded wire mesh and comes in different screen sizes.

You need from the hardware store:
– 1.5 meter hardware cloth (price: Php 300.00-400.00)
– 5-8 plastic fasteners (price: Php8.00/each)
– small wire cutter (like the TU-206 6”High Quality Diagonal Side Cutting Pliers Cable Wire Cutter Stripper Linesman Repair Hand Tool from

Three easy materials for a DIY composter

It was difficult to hold connect one ending to another, but with Dad’s plastic fasteners it was super easy.


Three easy materials for a DIY composter

The round wire cloth will have difficulties to stand on its own. Better: dig a hole of 20 centimeters around the bent wire. This will give your compost construction a good stability!

Three easy materials for a DIY composter

Welcome to #GreenDavao Garden, Master Compost!

Three easy materials for a DIY composter

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