Product: Eco Balm by EcoSkinLove

Today I want to share one of my latest loyal bag companion to you: the ECO BALM by EcoSkinLove.

Product: Eco Balm by EcoSkinLove

Last December 2016 has become a switching point to me. It is been a year in where I have been trying to think in reasonable and honest ways to become health conscious. has been my little way to discover more on this pursuit and to connect to other people, like you.

I am a fan of beauty products, and connecting to more people out there made me even more realize that there are a lot of unhealthy commercial skin products with all sorts nasty and toxic ingredients like paraben or mineral oil.

In my IG account (Green_Davao), I got to connect to the kind Ms. Geraldine of EcoSkinLove Philippines. The products of EcoSkinLove claim to made of natural and organic products. 

Product: Eco Balm by EcoSkinLove

Product’s info:

The Eco Balm comes in a 40 gram container and is known to be one of their best-sellers among the multipurpose products. The price is set at Php250 (~$5)

Product: Eco Balm by EcoSkinLove

The label informs “lightens and smoothens skin. Helps to fade dark spots and pigmentations. Directions: Apply 2 to 3 times daily on desired areas. Avoid open wound. Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Dende Oil, Beeswax, Rosehip Oil.”

The ingredients:

1) Jojoba Oil: ideal for healthily hydrating skin and hair as it mimics the natural oils our bodies produce, but is purely natural.
2) Dende Oil: supplier of vitamin E and beta carotene
3) Beeswax: contains Vitamin A and provides long-term moisturizing; locking moisture into the skin
4) Rosehip Oil: has essential fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin C and B-carotene

Basing it on label’s info: all the ingredients are considered to be natural and organic.

My experience with the Eco Balm by EcoSkinLove:

I got the product mid-June. I decided to treat my super dry skin on my elbows with the Eco Balm. The label advices to “apply 2 to 3 times daily on desired ares”. Well, I did at least once a day, before going to bed. It has a smooth greenish texture and a very soothing smell of rosehip and jojoba oil! It took about two weeks for me to feel a change. The green balm did not lighten my skin as I am already fair-skinned, however, I did feel that my skin recovered and lost its roughy-greyish skin coat. I can only imagine if I would have taken the Eco Balm on a regular basis of 2-3 times a day as adviced! In summary, I am confident about this result and recommend this product wholeheartedly!



a) Does this product contain no ingredients that raise a health concern? No helth concern. b) Does it show an ingredient disclosure? Yes.


    Product's texture: wax-based (firm, yet smooth)


      Does the company engage in environmental performance (management policies and practices; resource use; environmental impacts; and degree of environmental transparency) ? Yes, partially.


        Product's effectiveness: smoothed the rough skin on my elbow within 14-15 days


          Price: Php250 (~$5), reasonable price in regard to effectiveness



            • - smell: the rosehip smells great!
            • - container: sturdy!


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