Gourmet Resto Farm of Father Franco Uras in Buda

Gourmet Resto Farm of Father Franco in Buda

Ciao, Father!

Some 88 kilometers from Davao City, along the Buda road (Davao-Bukidnon road) at the Marilog District, an Italian missionary named Father Franco Uras (SDB) opened the Bosco Center for Hope for Integral Development for Lumad Youth and Children.

Father Franco Uras

Benvenuto! Welcome to Father Uras place in Marilog District! Insert: “Padre Ninno’s” is the brand of Father Uras’ homemade gourmet products.

It is a place where visitors can taste and buy Father’s Italian homemade gourmet products, which are made of home-owned, home-grown organic produce.  The profit such as pasta sauces, bread spreads and fresh bread is part of a program to raise money and awareness for the lumad children and youth.

Father Franco Uras

At the resto farm: a little felling of Italy in the mountains of Buda road.

The Lumad is a term being used to denote a group of indigenous people in the southern Philippines. It is a Cebuano term meaning “native” or “indigenous”. 

Father Franco Uras

Greenhouses bear the produce of Fr. Franco’s gourmet resto farm. On this picture: greenhouse of tomatoes with my sister Kerstin (freshrollsandchampaign.com)


Father Franco Uras

Fr. Franco Uras, SBD.

It was beautiful to see Father Franco Uras and his sweet Italian accent again after a year. Father Franco belongs to the Salesians of Don Bosco calls the Philippines his home for about 50 years! He has been living in Marilog District for 15 years, he said, and loved his life in this paradise very much!



Sit down and order pizzas (starting at Php150 only), pâté or bread, coffee,…. or all of it.

Father Franco Uras

Stupefacente! This time we ordered (twice!) a tomato bread with a duck pate and with a tuna pate. Delizioso!

We are a vivid fan of his protects, knowing that they are all natural, no preservative no extra flavoring – just fresh herbs and healthy vegetables. We love especially his Sun-Dried Tomatoes! One glass cost Php120.

Lazada Philippines

We were even able to watch the process:

Father Franco Uras

Rosso! Tomatoes are grown and harvested in the greenhouses.

Father Franco Uras

Oh sole! Literally, sun-dried! No frying, no oven.

His lovely products include Vegetarian Tuna Sauce, Pesto in Olive Oil, Herbed Mushroom Sauce, Herbed Mushroom Sauce… The prices are between Php120 to Php390 (prices as of February 2016).

Father Franco Uras

“è tutto biologico!” = everything is organic!

Father Franco’s program has no FB account and abstains from any other marketing and lives from word of mouth, he was surprised yet happy to hear that his little gourmet resto farm has become a little bit more known through the help of social networks and that people very much appreciate it.

Father Franco Uras

Perfetto! To round the food trip up, we had a “caffè espresso”!

If you like to purchase these gourmet products here in Davao, swing by ECHOSTORE (Read here more) at Unit 1 Lenel Bldg., Robinsons Highlands, Carlos P. Garcia Highway (Diversion Road) Buhangin, Davao City. They are open from 9am to 10pm daily.

So folks, if you haven’t been there yet, take your friends on a food trip to Father Franco’s place:

Directions: From Davao going to Bukidnon (Buda road), after Arakan, you will need to pass by the Seagull Mountain Resort. Head straight on, after a few kilometers, spot the La Toscana Pizza resto. You are already very close! You will drive down the valley and spot the  Buda National High School.This is the moment you need to slow down because a few meters after the school, there is the entrace of the Don Bosco Living Hope Center

Father Franco Uras

The organic rice farm behind Father Franco’s farm.

Father Franco Uras

Basil grows like weed on the gourmet resto farm!

Father Franco Uras

Little animal farm of guinea pigs, ducks, chickens and rabbits.

Lazada Philippines

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  1. I also love organics. Pretty sure to visit here someday. I like the way you take the pictures, the way you express the details of your experiences there, your write ups are not too wordy (short, simple, concise direct to the point), and on how you describe Fr. Franco’s organic products that’s very mouth-watering. Thank you for sharing this. =)

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